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Donna Figueroa's report on the work-a-thon for Camp Joslin

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RIrpcvs walked for the Salamatu Foundation. Pictures

Retruned Volunteers walked for the Salamatu Foundation fund raiser in June 2005.

Report October 2010 Leh Wi Tok meeting.

Report Rasoi Indian Restaurant meeting December 9, 2009

See pictures and a description of our Spring Gathering 2009 May 20, 2009

Kickoff Dinner at Apsara
October 15, 2008

March 20, 2007 Meeting at India Club

Report: the November 16, 2005 Meeting at Apsara

Mary Helen Hughes and Pam Rubinoff Report October Meeting

Ginger Harkey host meeting. Amanda Fogle-Donmoyer sent off to Benin, a second generation PCV.

Pictures of the Fall Gathering at the Beach September 2005

Congratulations to Sasha and Jenifer Moskalenko!
Nicholas Moskalenko was born August 31st.
Jenifer served as a PCV in the Ukraine. She served as Group Leader for RIrpcv for two years. See pictures

RI rpcvs send off Malaika. In July 2005 Jim and Judy Alexander celebrated, with RI rpcvs, their daughter's departure for Peace Corps Jamaica.

RI rpcvs worked to clean up housing area in Pawtucket in October 2004.

Reports by Mark Holland (Malawi 95-97) and by Group Leader Jenifer Moskalenko on the Bird Watch at Norman Bird Sanctuary November 21, 2004

Allocation Committee March 8, 2006

Jim Alexander's Report on Allocations

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Beach Cleanup & Brunch Sunday
September 23, 2018
9:00-10:30 for cleanup and 10:30-12:00 brunch

* brunch - please RSVP and let us know what you can bring.  EMILY CAN YOU make a google doc with rsvp Info and coordinate with Joan on food/supplies needs to include 

* cleanup - Narragansett, South Ferry Beach, at URI Bay Campus. 
* Brunch (5 minutes away)

For more information:
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Day of event contact-  Pam Rubinoff at the beach (401-480-8004) and Joan Mathieu, at the brunch house (727-599-6347)

International Beach Cleanup 2017

Clean up team 2017

See highlights from l2016 effort in RI where over 2000 volunteers removed almost 15,000 pounds of trash. Cleanup with picnic to follow


RIrpcv, Jim Alexander Honored

Paramount Chief James Alexander.

"Various RI political figures were either present or represented by staff. Sheldon Whitehouse was there. Jorge Alorza had a meaningful presence and even introduced one of the honorees. The dynamo of this organization is Henrietta White-Holder and she introduced Jim, who was the final recipient of an award. The reception Jim received was massive and his acceptance speech was brief but eloquent, the best of the night." -rpcv NJschmader


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Financial Report 2014

Financial Report 2013

Finacial Report 2012

for Rhode Island Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

April 29, 2014 Rasa Indian Restaurant

Rasa Dining

Those present: Pam Elizabeth, Jennie Crooks, Susan Rabideau and her husband, Wendy Davis, Debby Drew, Monique Pouliot, Allen Harris, Barbar Fontaine, Faith Fogle, John Kotula, Kathy Fidler, and Pam Rubinoff

Tuesday, December 11, 2100, 6:30PMLos Andes Dinner
Los Andes Bolivian Restaurant
903 chalkstone Avenue Providence

No business was conducted. Those present were John and Debbie Kotula, Barbara Fontaine, Pam Elizabeth, Pam Rubinoff, Peggy Benz and sisters, Chris Stone, Francine Connolly, Kathryn Fidler, Clare Sartori,


2016 calendar

Support our annual fund raiser

Another year of adventure and hope packaged in the 2013 calendar which features Botswana, Mali, Gabon, China and many more current or past Peace Corps countries. Calendars are $10 each, and make great gifts! Contact Su Rubinoff to get yours today. If we need to mail it to you, add an additional cost: $2 for 1 calendar, $6 for 2-5 calendars. $10 for 6-10 or more.

Last year, proceeds from our fundraiser supported Rhode Island based efforts, including the Foundation for West Africa's work with community radio stations and Edesia's nutritional food program to combat malnutrition. We also supported the Salamatu Foundation who work with teachers and provide picture books in Namibia, a sewing project in Malawi, and Project Salvador's scholarship program for students.

Thank you for your support of this fundraiser. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for other groups we may want to consider donating funds to.

Dinner in Senegal
Bayal Buffet

RIrpcvs at Bayal

Left to right: Barbara Fontaine, Al Harris, John Katula, Debbie Katula, enjoyed the dining and conversation at Bayal Buffet.


Annual Beach Cleanup in Narragansett
URI Bay Campus September 2012

RIrpcv was joined by the Narragansett Soccer Team and URI's Student Action for Sustainability

Clean Bay beach

We collected over 125 lbs of garbage including hundreds of cigarette butts and all kinds and sizes of junk.

Clean up team

Clean Bay Campus Beach

Clean Beach 2005

2009 Clean up the beach.

RIrpcvs join with Narragansett soccer team to clean the beach.
Together with the Narragansett High School Soccer team we filled bags of litter we picked from the beach.


We have a few members willing to serve but need many more to help , especially for the 50th. Peace Corps Anniversary coming
up soon. Ask not what your association can do for you..... you know the rest. Even small amounts of help are appreciated. Contact Barbara by phone or e-mail.



RI-RPCV Administrative Volunteers

Function Officer Phone e-address
Group Leader Pam Rubinoff 401-480-8004
Treasurer Pam Rubinoff
Data Base Katie Dyer 624-8224 (h) 848-0550 (w)
Secretary Pam Rubinoff  
E-mail Communications Tamara Burman
Calendar Sales Su Rubinoff
NPCA Liaison Peggy Benz    
Web site Stan Premy
Donations Allocations John Kotula